There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.
Leonard Cohen


MG ILLUMINAZIONE SRL offers to the industrial lighting market products that distinguish for their high reliability of the handmade production, the material used and the level of the service offered.

All this is possible thanks to our company’s operators who gather more than forty years of experience.

What helped establishing the success of our company were our practical and strong values, such as sharing our customers and suppliers’ aims.

The results of our effective offers strengthened our relationship of cooperation which is the main condition of our company’s development.
The flattering acknowledgment that comes from a highly competitive market area has been what pushed us to broaden our range with families of innovative products at competitive prices.



Industrial & Emergency


Industrial lighting for all needs

This catalogue offers a product range which matches with our already profitable presence on national and international markets. All our products can be personalized to be adapted to various design and style solutions.

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